Christian Bjoerklund - The Lost Tracks (CD)
Swedish producer Christian Bjoerklund with his first ever album, a soundtrack for a videogame that wasnt released so far!
7.00 EUR  
The music for this album, which was made all the way back in 2003 already, has a very organic live feeling as many of the sounds are based on classic instruments. And as the title suggests it was originally written for a video game. Now 15 tracks were compiled to make an outstanding album that really puts you in the mood of jumping around and whistling to the melodies. Emotionally warm and happy music for sure. Everything from slow to fast, dubby to rocking and... its just not your standard experimental IDM tracks! Alongside the album will be a free download release by our friends at Phonocake ( that includes 2 songs from this CD plus more unreleased bits. Please go here: for a free download.

Label: Bohnerwachs Tontraeger
Categories: Electronica