Hey-O-Hansen - Fly Home / DJ Maxximus Rmx (12")
Back in stock! Hey-O-Hansen continue single series with Heyrec13 "Fly Home"
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With this 12inch Hey-O-Hansen are moving fastly towards the Dubstep style. The track has the atmosphere of a perfect idyll on a tyrolean alp and the frightening sound of a capella dance steps recorded at the last dance of Berlin "Komische Oper" (opera ballet) dancers before the ballet was closed. A heartbreaking acoustic guitar solo improvised by Olaf Rupp. Voice samples by Mariano Rajoy and Mustapha Nabli. The Remix was done by Dj Maxximus aka DIN-ST this time who has been producing bass music for 10 years, Influenced by early Hardcore and Drumnbass in 91, remixing NWA for Kid606, producing with Peaches and dropping the first grimy hip hop album on Digital Hardcore before 2000.