Angina P - 8 Rooms (CD)
Vienna-based producer Angina P takes powerful layers and sharp contrasts to create compositions ...
12.50 EUR  
that are abrasive, complex, and emotionally-charged. While persistently raw and moody, the music maintains a sense of pureness and digs deep into her psyche. This wonderful new release on the dutch Notochord imprint can't be put in just 1 genre, elements of ambient, drum & bass, IDM, breakbeat, and experimental music can easily be tracked down and this is what it makes both unique and intense. 8 Rooms - 8 tracks in total, 5 new Angina P tracks along with 3 exclusive remixes by Semiomime (aka DJ Hidden), Edgey (aka Stephen James Knight) and Larvae (Ad Noiseam). The CD comes in a beautifully designed cardboard sleeve that most definitely will stick out in your collection.