Suburban Trash Industries/Bohnerwachs/Dirty Dancing and Russian Roulette
are mainly distributed through:
Suburban Trash Distro, Cargo (UK), Target International, Sound Base Music, Ant-Zen, Timeless Network and Toolbox ...

Also here are links to the fine people who help distributing and selling one or more releases:
Ad Noiseam (GER)

Ant-Zen (GER)
Fat Fenders Recordstore (GER)
Smash Berlin (GER)
Sound Base Music (GER)
Target International (GER)

Timeless Network (BE)

Toolbox (FR)
Switch Recordshop (FR)

Boomkat (UK)

Cargo (UK)

Norman Records (UK)
Red Eye Records (UK)
Underground Music (UK)
Urban Decay Music (UK)

Amoeba Music L.A. (US)
Massive Records/Zod Records (US)

Noisexchange (AUS)

Suburban Trash Distro also distributes:
Active Underground, Phantomnoise, Ventilator Tontraeger, Sleepy City, Puzzling, Nasdia ...
and mainly stocks from the likes of Praxis, Ad Noiseam, Hymen/Mirex, Sprengstoff, Sublight, Alphabasic, Romz, Co.Ad.Audio, Rest Room Records, KlangKrieg, Soothsayer, Ruff-Teck, BugKlinik, Zhark International, ZOD, Death$ucker, Peace Off / Damage / MutantSniper / Bang-A-Rang, Electr-Ohm, Division13, Serve+Destroy, HighPulse, Kriss/Clash and many more.

If you are a label and want to have your records/cds distributed via Suburban Trash please get in touch via email or send a letter/package with your product to Suburban Trash. Please make sure to include all important infos such as name/title of the release(s), price and infotext.

If you are a shop/mailorder
and want to buy at wholesale rates please get in touch via email/telephone before ordering online.

If you are a private customer
please use the online Mailorder, thanks!

Suburban Trash Industries/Suburban Trash Distribution
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