Hinsidan - God is in the details (2CD)
Often compared to names as Throbbing Gristle, Coil & Cabaret Voltaire. This 2xCD boxset contains more than two hours of music.
13.50 EUR  
Recieved excellent reviews. Earlier releases on Ant-Zen & Realler. "God Is In The Details" epoch us up-to-date with the sound of Hinsidan which is now majestic as its unsettling and downright disturbing ... Many things can be said about this album but if to pick one, it's a soul searching one. A dark unconventional journey, harsh and epic, reflecting the eternal / ongoing battle between the darkness and the light; sound painted in vivid shades of grey and blue. Love, god, hate and the endless ways to fall apart are issues all dealt with on this piece of work that stands out as a momentual statement of this new millenium.