GUT feat. Otto von Schirach - Pimps of Gore (CD)
X for grisly porn violence language and drug use!!!
6.90 EUR  
If you think Otto's latest full length "Global Speaker Fisting" was a real bad motherf***er then you need to listen to this one for sure. GUT, one of the most controversial bands in the Grind business bring some nasty, PORN-GORE-GRIND. Already founded in 1991 and called dead in 1995 they are back from their graves and recorded a whole bunch of new music so you may wonder now what happens when you put Otto Von Scientifical Kick Drum GangBang and GUT The True Inventors Of Porn-o-Gore-GoreGrind together? Expect the sickest! They are the Pimps of Gore! Earshredding, sicko beats, metal overdose ... this aint your usual morning music. Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell! 11 track MCD. 7" vinyl to arrive later on as well ...

Categories: Grind/Metal