Electromeca - Brutal Funk EP (12")
Back in stock! Since he discovered that FM-radio could sound way much better through his SP202, Electromeca didn't stop to cut-crush-distort-chop-chew-spit- reconstruct fat & dirty beats with a delicious guilty pleasure.
8.00 EUR  
Monkeysteak - Electric Birdland (12")
Monkey Steak, the electronica duo comprised of Hanuman and Atki2 is back on Death$ucker at last ...
7.80 EUR  
Monster Zoku Onsomb - Europe Tour 2006 white label (12")
Back in stock! This is a rollercoaster ride of electro so fat you'd think it would break your turntable and breaks so fresh, they're still moist with dew.
8.00 EUR