Dino Felipe - Dinosaur bones & pyramids (CD)
Dino Felipe has released full-length CDs and LPs on Schematic, Piussant, and M-Tronic before ...
13.00 EUR  
Doormouse - Major Changes (CD)
We approve of this recording!
13.50 EUR  
Enduser - Calling the vultures (CD)
Wohaa! New Enduser album on Sublight
12.50 EUR  
Felipe and Forté - Eke Out (CD)
Popular & acclaimed fringe electronic musicians, Nick Forté and Dino Felipe team up yet again for "Eke Out"
12.50 EUR  
Nick Forte - Young Man's Disease (CD)
With previous releases via the Schematic label
13.50 EUR  
The Gasman - Multiplex (CD)
A new hope? Yes, its a new Gasman album
12.50 EUR  
Venetian Snares - Horse and Goat (CD)
CD version, explicit artwork by Trevor Brown
13.00 EUR  
Vorpal - Disgressions (CD)
"Disgressions" is the follow up to Vorpal's debut "An Incomplete Guide to Vorpal Music" (Cock Rock Disco).
12.50 EUR