Hasler & Inami - Transmit (CD)
File under "Electronica / Ambient"
13.00 EUR  
Repetition / Distract - Old Weevil Neighbourhood (MC)
Old Weevil Neighbourhood is a sort of homespun musique concrete, the source material was gathered from various recording sessions...
6.50 EUR  
Richard for Cerebellum - Thoughts that breathe (CD)
also responsible for Slutmachine (Zhark12014)
12.50 EUR  
Rob Curgenven - Cichaczem (CD)
Cichaczem means "something done quietly or as a surprise"
12.50 EUR  
Tetrix - Tetrix EP (12")
The future is now!
9.00 EUR  
Thomas Korber & Kazuya Ishigami - Mistakes (CD)
Former collaborator with Sunao Inami (Electr-Ohm) and labelboss Kazuya Ishigami
13.00 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony (2x12")
Essential electronica release for the first time on vinyl ...
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - A Monumental Struggle of Good vs. Evil (CD)
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Systemic Audio Compilation (CD)
Contained herein are 15 tracks of the finest
12.50 EUR  
Waeldchengarten - Distractions (CD)
Noise-ambient duo with a long string of releases behind them. This is their 3rd album, earlier releases on Relapse and Drone records.
13.50 EUR  
Xela - In Bocca Al Lupo (2x12")
John Xela's new album follows up the dense soundsc(r)apes of his last album 'The Dead Sea'
17.50 EUR