1Bomb1Target - Ich gegen Mich! (7")
Harsh noisy 7" on the austrian Hintrust Grind Media label ...
6.50 EUR  
1Bomb1Target Vs Hard-Off - 1Bomb1Target Vs Hard-Off (7")
Part one of the "1Bomb1Target versus" series
4.50 EUR  
Felipe and Forté - Eke Out (CD)
Popular & acclaimed fringe electronic musicians, Nick Forté and Dino Felipe team up yet again for "Eke Out"
12.50 EUR  
Noize Creator - Something Bad (2CD)
2CD release with a first flashback on the AU backcatalogue ...
13.85 EUR  
Nomex - The Bruitist Shaper EP (12")
Extreme noise by Nomex!
8.00 EUR  
Richard for Cerebellum - Thoughts that breathe (CD)
also responsible for Slutmachine (Zhark12014)
12.50 EUR  
Sandblasting - El Paso Sound-Wall (CD)
Belligeranza is another subdivision of Sonic Belligeranza
12.50 EUR  
Thomas Korber & Kazuya Ishigami - Mistakes (CD)
Former collaborator with Sunao Inami (Electr-Ohm) and labelboss Kazuya Ishigami
13.00 EUR  
V.A. - Kobe Underground Festival (CD)
Festival Compilation: Avantgarde, Industrial, Gothic and Noise
13.00 EUR  
V.A. - Rigid Crash Compilation (2CD)
Massive double CD compilation
13.95 EUR